6.6.2011,  translation 21.4.2019


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What was the aim of this experiment?

The question was about the essence of technology:
Improving the  quality of  products
Substituting human labour, if necessary on the expense of qualty?

The receipt to make this bread had been used as an argumeht for the latter case. The dough quality that the yeast gets within 24-36 hours cannot be matched with the most modern dough enhancing chemicals and with kneading machines. This was to be proven.

How to do it

The day before one fills 0,5 l  into a pot to let the chlor vapourize.
The next day 300 ml water is measured. A bit from is used to dissolve 0,25 g yeast in a cup. Add a bit of sugar.

400 g flour are mixed with the rest of the water and the yeast solution. 2-3 g salt are added. This dough, which is quite fluidic, is now kept in a bowl, covered with some textile, at ca. 20°C for 24 or 36 hours.
On a clean flour is spread as the dough is quite sticky (gluey). Spread the dough on to this surface. It is folded like a piece of paper, 4x, and put o some textile. One has to wait further 3-4 hours.
If a fingertip is pressed into the dough the little hole will close in a short time. In the very moment the hole does not close the dough is ready for the baking process.

A steal pot is either coated with oil or one may use baking paper. The dough is place into this pot and now the baking starts. At 210-230!C for 25' with a closed cap. Then the cap is removed and the baking process is continued for 25-30'. The bread is taken out . Let it cool down without cutting into it. As within the cooling period the crust (crackling) is formed and should not be disturbed.

What the yeast does with the flour is not hitherto fully understood. It seems so that the so called „Fodmap“-sugars that render bread undigestible for people with celiac sprue and other intestine disturbances is changed somehow to a big extent. In 2012 we had made a test with a friend who sufferend from celiac sprue with such a bread, stored 36 hours, with the same recipe, just added 1 spoonful of improved olive oil to the dough.
Result: he could eat that without any further disturbances.

As this is an user manual we do not list here further research literature links.